Do Not Neglect Your Backaches Anymore. Get Them Treated by Dr. Himanshu Tyagi, The Best Spine Surgeon in Noida Known for Using Minimally Invasive Techniques

With the advent of technology has emerged there is an increase in the number of individuals suffering from neck and back problems. Our hectic life schedule, lack of nutrition and proper sleep, and our never ending urge to succeed and grow in life has led us to severe spine problems. However, not everybody suffering from it needs to undergo a surgery. Most of the times, counselling by an expert, oral medicines, exercises, and therapies bring out the best results. The period of treatment may vary from a few weeks to even several months depending on the severity.

Spine Surgeon in Noida

A normal backache may turn out to be a major spine problem, if neglected for a prolonged period. Therefore, book an appointment with one of the best spine surgeon in Noida, Dr. Himanshu Tyagi to get the best treatment in India. The surgery of spine includes treatment of back pain, neck pain, radicular pain, spinal deformity, spinal tumour, disc problem, spine fracture fixation, minimally invasive spine surgery.

Recently, the change in lifestyle trend has made youth prone to spine problems. Dr. Tyagi is a proficient doctor who has done more than hundreds of surgery with a record of cent percent success. He uses enhanced safety standards to such an extent that he is capable of operating an old-aged person with more than 95 percent safety margins. In his course of experience, he has come across several bedridden patients suffering from spine injuries who were provided with best services to lead a comfortable and active life.

It is the need of an hour to spread awareness among people that with the intervention of new methodologies , modern spine treatments can cure spinal problems which were once thought to be lethal by timely intervention of a dedicated, trained, and skilled doctor like Dr. Himanshu Tyagi.

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