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The spinal column of every person is made of a series of vertebrae (bones) stacked onto one another. From top to the bottom, the column generally includes total 12 bones in your thoracic spine, 7 in your cervical spine, 5 in your lumbar spine. All these bones are being cushioned by the disks. Needless to say, the disks give protection to the bones by engrossing the shocks from regular activities like twisting, lifting, and walking. Each disk also has two portions: a tougher outer ring and a gelatinous, soft inner part. Weakness or injury can cause the disk’s inner portion to obtrude through the outer part. And this is called herniated or slipped disk that causes discomfort and pain as well. 

When should you Seek for Slipped Disk Treatment India?

One can have this medical condition in any part of his/her spine, from his/her lower back to the neck. The lower back is viewed as the most common area for the prolapsed disk. A prolapsed disk can put additional strain on the muscle and nerves around it. So, you should go for slipped disc treatment India when you find out the symptoms of a slipped disk in you. Here are some of the symptoms that would help you to understand when you should visit the doctor:
  1. Numbness and pain, particularly one side of your body
  2. Ache that worsens with specific movements or at night
  3. Pain which extends to the legs and arms
  4. Unexplained weakness of the muscle 
  5. Pain which worsens after sitting or standing
  6. Burning, aching, or tingling sensation in the affected portion
  7. Pain while walking

However, the kinds of pain can differ. Visit a professional orthopedic doctor in Noida if you find that your pain and discomfort result in tingling or numbness which affect your capability of controlling your muscle. An orthopedic doctor would exam your body first because their aim is to diagnose the source of that discomfort and pain.

Visit the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi:

Treatments for a prolapsed disk start from traditional to surgical. As the treatment mainly depends on the bar of discomfort and pain that you are undergoing and exactly how far your disk has slipped from its place. An Orthopedic surgeon in Delhi might suggest surgery if your condition doesn’t lessen in one month or if the slipped disk affects the function of your muscle. Your doctor might discard the protruding or damaged portion of your disk.

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